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Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin
Men's knitwear and clothes

Top Knit is specialized in men’s wear

Top Knit made a licence agreement with the French fashion house Pierre Cardin in 1984 and started to manufacture men’s Pierre Cardin knitwear for Finland.

In 2011 Top Knit entered into a cooperation agreement with Ahlers AG, one of the biggest manufacturers of men’s wear in Europe, and received the marketing rights of Pierre Cardin men’s wear in Finland.


Tarja Salomaa, designer of the knitwear, fashion artist.

Our knitwear Pierre Cardin is very Scandinavian and European, classical in style, with a variation of new themes and worlds of colour

In our textile collection there are stylistic and comfortable men’s suits, where details in design have been taken into account. There are several jackets, coats and trousers in our leisure time collection which are suitable for relaxed and carefree clothing. The fabrics of the jeans collection are high-class, and the patterns for trousers are well-fitting. The materials are well-known brands, for example Gore-Tex and Schoeller PCM. The shirts collection has shirts for both city and leisure time clothing.

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