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Top Knit who is specialized in wool has developed a collection of underwear called Thermo, suitable for Finnish circumstances

The material has two layers. The outer layer is made of fairly thick super wash wool, consisting of 40 per cent of the knitwear. The layer next to the skin is made of soft Emerlux polypropylene, which transfers the moist coming from the skin into the woollen layer, out of which the moist evaporates. The Emerlux polypropylene is also suitable for allergic people. It is enduring, elastic and does not wrinkle.

Wool is an excellent material for underwear. It gives you warmth even if it is somewhat moist. The speciality of the outfit is the fact that it is seamless, and this prevents abrasions. Since the garment is seamless, it also has a good fit. Washing temperature: 40°C. Pants with long legs can be paired with a jumper with either an o-shaped neck or a zip.

Colours: forest green and dark blue.

Värit metsänvihreä ja tummansininen.